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Adam Nedzelski: We've ordered 5 million flu vaccines. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Adam Nedzelski: We’ve ordered 5 million flu vaccines.

Adam Nedzelski: We've ordered 5 million flu vaccines.

On Monday, the Minister of Health, along with the Minister of Education and Science, Przemisao Zarenik, attended the official opening of the 2021/2022 academic year. He later visited the Inter-Departmental Deductive Center No. 3PM.

At the briefing, the head of the Ministry of Health called for vaccination against COVID-19 and the flu. – This year we ordered about 5 5 million flu vaccinations. They have already arrived in Poland at a cost of about 20 2.2 million.

He pointed to the important role of influenza vaccination, in addition to vaccination against COVID-19, in the time of COVID-19 epidemic.

– I also encourage you to get vaccinated against the flu, because this year we can count on a really large supply and increasing availability of vaccines. I hope that before this flu season, which always peaks in January, February or even March, we will have time to get vaccinated for better health.

The flu vaccine does not completely protect you from getting sick, but it will help reduce the course of the flu, even if you get sick. It is best to get vaccinated early in the flu season, which is in the fall. After vaccination, the immunity develops in two to three weeks and lasts for 6-12 months. Because the flu virus changes rapidly, the composition of the vaccine varies slightly each year. It is based on a new strain of the virus that causes the flu in a specific season.

Experts recommend the Flu and Covid 19 vaccines during the same medical visit. He emphasized that despite the same symptoms, Covid 19 and the flu are two different diseases.

A year ago, flu vaccination was adopted at 6%. This is a 43% jump in the Polish population. Compared to last year, but according to experts, this does not mean that there is more flexibility in society, because 6%. Not a statistical value.

According to the Health Minister’s August Ordinance, free and voluntary flu vaccines will be available to medical workers, pharmacists, academics, students and doctoral students, as well as to patients, pharmacists and social welfare workers. This possibility will also be available to employees of schools and kindergartens, care and educational institutions, care and therapy centers and pre-adoption intervention centers.

Free vaccinations are also available for persons born after 1946 and care and treatment facilities, nursing and care facilities, hospices, medical treatment areas and residents of social welfare homes.

Officers or soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces, Police, Border Guard, Martial Guard, Internal Security Agency, Foreign Intelligence Agency, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, Military Intelligence Service, Military Counter Intelligence Service, Customs and Treasury Service, State Fire Service Can get the vaccine free of charge. State Protection Service, Prison Service, Road Transport Inspection, Rail Road Guards, Municipal (City) Guards and volunteer fire brigade members, mountain and water rescuers, patient psychiatrist ombudsman of a psychiatric hospital.