Residents hoping for a rate cut look set to be disappointed after workers at Armagh City, Bainbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council ended industrial action.

The agreement was reached between the council and trade unions on Tuesday night, ending a six-week industrial strike.

Household bins were collected for the first time on Thursday morning as fly-tipping increased in the council area during strike action.

Speaking at the start of the week, in response to comments on social media calling for some sort of rate hike, DUP group leader Councilor Mark Baxter said: “I agree, paying for such a service is not acceptable. Which you don’t get.”

Addressing the issue on their website, Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council noted that there is currently no facility to offer discounts for any shortfall in service.

“We deeply regret the impact and disruption caused by the ongoing industrial action,” begins the answer to the question ‘Will ratepayers get relief?’

“The collection of rates is managed by Land and Property Services (LPS) who are also responsible for property valuation and classification. Rates are used to pay for a wide range of public services on an annual basis.

“Under the present system there is no provision of exemption for any deficiency in the service provided by a public body.”

Asked if the LPS had considered finding a way to offer discounts to residents for this prolonged disruption, a spokesman explained that councils set the rates charged in each area based on that. What it needs to operate the services it provides.

An LPS spokesperson said, “LPS collects rates on behalf of district councils.

“Councils decide the rates they charge in their area, taking into account the amount of revenue they estimate they need to fund the services they provide.”

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