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Aaron Bone's questionable bullying fired back at the Yankees. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Aaron Bone’s questionable bullying fired back at the Yankees.

Should the Yankees have come close to a run in the ninth inning on Friday night?

Manager Aaron Bone left Arrolds Chapman in Belpin and went with Domingo German for the second innings in his first appearance in two months. He then decided to rest for him with Albert Ebryo, who had one run in the ninth with two runners base. Both runners scored. Defeat Kiran 4-3 in the stadium.

Chapman had 22 pitches in the ninth inning in Toronto on Thursday night, but the seven-time All-Star warmed up on Friday while the Yankees were batting in the eighth.

YES analyst John Flaherty was criticizing Bonn’s decision not to use Chapman in the ninth post-game show.

The German had not been out of action since July 31 due to a shoulder injury, despite being off the injured list nine days ago. He recorded three strikeouts in the last two frames before two runs in the ninth. Both runners scored through eyebrow pitching to extend Tampa Bay’s 2-1 lead to 4-1.

Domingo German
Domingo German was ruled out of the game by Aaron Bone on Friday.
Corey Spaken

“As I say every day when asked about it, it will be in some difficult situation. We have to rely on everyone there,” Bonn said of the German after the game. “I thought he came in and threw the ball well.

“obviously , [walks] It hurt him to get out of the game. But I thought he threw the ball very well.

The Yankees’ bullpen has grown exponentially over the past two weeks. Luis Severino returned from Tommy John surgery last month in 2020, and the two-time All-Star has tossed six scoreless innings on four assists since September 21.

Jonathan Luizga was also activated from the injury list this week and threw a scoreless innings in Toronto on Wednesday before recording a strikeout by Reyes Wonder Franco with packed bases to end the seventh inning on Friday.

The German did not make the field after joining the IL on September 22, but Bonn insisted before the game that “at some point, he is going to find himself there.”

“I’d like to put him in a low-medium leverage where he can play a couple of innings and get his feet wet,” Bone said. “But he can also find himself in a big place there. I think he’s ready for that.”

Albert Abreu.
Corey Spaken

The place was reached on Friday for the 29-year-old German, who opened the eighth in place of Luisga, beating the Yankees 2-1. After an out single by Yandi Diaz, the Germans hit G. Man Choi and Manuel Margot to end the innings. He also beat Frenchman Maggie and Kevin Kermer to open the ninth before walking.

Bonn then replaced the German, who was on 32 pitches. He recorded an out in front of Franco’s two-run single which made the score 4-1. The Yankees combined for two runs in the ninth, but Gary Sanchez and Rogne O’Dwyer scored on a tie-breaker.

“It just felt like a match-up, it was good, and I thought Albert did a good job getting it too. [Randy] Outside Orozerena he puts Franco on the ground, and he’s just got a hole with it, “Bonn said of his decision to use the eyebrows to follow the German.” But I thought he came in and Thrown the ball well. “