A veterinarian is never used to the loss of animals

Dear Mom: I know you are an animal lover, and so I would appreciate your perspective on this.

I’m a veterinarian and always offer my sincere condolences when a client loses a pet — I’ll send a card, make a donation to an animal charity, and often follow up with an email or phone call. will do.

I recently lost my much loved dog and am a bit worried about the reactions of people I have known for many years.

Few have condoned. The general attitude has been that I should “get used to it.”

Mom, the vet never gets used to it. It’s a helpless feeling to be unable to treat your pet, even when you logically know that everything possible has been done.

I’m trying not to have hard feelings on him, but it’s hard.

– Grace

Dear Grace: I am very sorry. Anyone who has said goodbye to a beloved pet is grieving the loss of a companion and a bond of friendship that is hard to describe, but should be easy to understand. Losing that connection is a special kind of heartbreak.

I’ll quote the late great poet Mary Oliver, whose collection “Dog Songs: Poems” (2015, Penguin) is a tender, touching, and funny tribute to the dogs who have been in our lives. molested:

“Because of the dog’s happiness, our own happiness increases.

This is no small gift.”