Channel 4 was letting it all out with its latest s*x documentary, which asked viewers to pity “bigger than average” men. It was a sob story across the sprawling y-fronts.

The dissertation was named Chashmuksha. My massive C**k It was, even though society reinforces “height and girth” – taking a racist attitude when it comes to black men – being medium to tall and wide is actually a drag.

“Bigger is often seen as better… they just want your attention because of your p*nis,” lamented one partner. It was easy to laugh. Indeed, the provocative title suggested that Channel 4 wanted us to chatter all the way to the ad break, as we were ushered into the inner sanctum of this unusual members’ club (thankfully avoiding frontal shots). was done).

“Willie’s fetishization — in my mind you can’t let the team down,” Tumoy said. He seemed proud and self-conscious about his large genitalia.

And then there was Scott who found his dating life ruined by gossip about the contents of his underwear. When he revealed it on the first date, the reaction landed somewhere between anxiety and abject fear. They hadn’t even ordered dessert yet. He thought that things had settled down. She ran to the hills.

As is often the case with “shocking” Channel 4 films – launched by the network as part of a slate of “radical” shows to mark its 40th anniversary – no one was ever sure whether My Massive C**k is taking this topic seriously or not. . YouTuber Cam criticizes society’s disturbing obsession with black men and their s*xuality. And poor Matt appeared to be in real trouble when he consulted a doctor about reduction surgery, only to be told that the procedure was essentially an “all or nothing” affair. It was not possible to trim it down a bit as if you were “slimy slicing”.

These serious moments were interspersed with winking narration. For example, as Scott goes on his date, the voiceover says he’s “going to flag whatever’s on his mind”. Meanwhile, Taio reveals that he nicknamed his appendage Jimmy – “I don’t know why”. You wonder why he would reveal this to the public. And also if he called his friend James on formal occasions.

There were some interesting statistics: for example, 46 percent of British men wished they were “big” in the trouser department. Yet for those already generously provided for in that department, the reality looked somewhat bleak.

“Women are so s*xualized in society,” Kim said, “that’s exactly how I feel.” The sobering lesson was that “average” men should be careful what they wish for. The journey along the long and winding road to the big p*nis eventually unfolded as a merger on the highway to relationship hell.

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