Cybersecurity firm Mandant said on Wednesday that a pro-China cyber group ran an aggressive online influence campaign that discouraged Americans from voting in the midterm elections and fueled clashes with the US government.

Mandant said he had previously seen the “Dragon Bridge” threat group try to mobilize protesters in the U.S., and now that the group was using seed distribution, plagiarizing and altering news articles, and spreading disinformation. I have seen people adopting fake people on social media.

“Most notably, in September 2022, Dragon Bridge accounts posted an English-language video on multiple social media platforms dissuading Americans from voting in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections,” Mandiant said. An attempt was made.” Reports. “The video raises questions about the efficacy of voting and the institutions of American government more broadly.”

Mandant said the video argued that the solution was not to vote but to “uproot this inefficient and dysfunctional system” over footage of the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

“The campaign also pointed to frequent mentions of ‘civil war’ on social media and incidents of politically motivated violence, including clashes between supporters of opposing parties and actions against the FBI, political As evidence of the deterioration of the process and its impending demise,” the report said.

Along with defaming American democracy, the group also tried to manipulate news reports and cyber research to make it appear that Chinese hackers were actually doing America’s bidding.

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According to Mandant, the group claimed that the APT41 hacking group was created by the US government in posts on Twitter. The FBI identified APT 41 as Chinese. Hackers which also uses the name Barium.

Mandiant describes APT41 as a group that combines state-sponsored cyberespionage with financially motivated cybercrime that targets sectors ranging from healthcare to media.

According to Mandant, the Dragon Bridge effort plagiarized a news article from Radio Free Asia and altered it to describe the cyber attackers as an “American hacking group”.

“Accounts report plagiarized, altered, and otherwise false news and research from Mandient and other cybersecurity organizations to support their allegations,” Mandient’s report said. “Such narratives appear to be a continuation of themes alleging US cyber activity that we’ve seen promoting Dragonbridge since at least April 2022.”

The DRAGONBRIDGE effort also used accounts impersonating Intrusion Truth, a group known for exposing Chinese hackers online.

John Hultquist, Mandate vice president of intelligence analysis, said in a statement that the Dragonbridge effort was not entirely successful, but he was concerned about their aggressive progress.

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