A bishop who had $1 million worth of jewelery stolen by armed robbers during a live stream service has said his lavish lifestyle is his ‘priority’.

A Texas pastor has apologized after a video taken at his church went viral.Kevin Trimmer/Getty Images

  • A New York bishop was robbed at gunpoint during a live-streamed service.

  • The attackers got away with more than $1 million worth of jewelry, the NYPD said.

  • After the attack, Bishop has been pushing back against criticism of his lavish lifestyle.

A New York bishop who had $1 million worth of jewelry stolen from him and his family at gunpoint during a live-streamed service has hit out at critics, saying he lives a “flashy” lifestyle. , and said the robbery was an example of “how the devil works.”

Bishop Lamore Whitehead, Known for its designer clothes and luxury cars.delivering a sermon Sunday at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries Church in Canarsie, Brooklyn. According to the New York Times.

In footage from the church’s live stream obtained by WCBSWhitehead can be heard saying: “How many of you have lost your faith because you saw someone else die?”

He then stops abruptly, looking like the gunmen are making their way through the church doors.

Whitehead immediately lays on the ground in surrender as one of the attackers can be seen pointing a gun at his back and beginning to remove his jewelry. He told WCBS that the robbers also pointed guns at his wife and 8-month-old baby.

The robbers took his chains, watch, wedding band, and cross, as well as more than $1 million worth of jewelry from his wife, the NYPD said in a statement to Insider.

She also told WCBS that the robbers may have known about the extra jewelry under her clothes by watching her past videos.

“There were chains under my dress, and he started patting my neck to see if there was anything else – so that means they knew. They saw, and they knew I had other jewelry. are.”

The robbers are still at large. The NYPD told Insider in a statement that the gunmen “entered a white Mercedes-Benz and were last seen traveling eastbound on Avenue D” and that no one was injured during the robbery.

Whitehead after the attack said in an Instagram post That the robbery was an example of “how the devil works.”

“The devil doesn’t care — he sent them,” Whitehead said, adding that he didn’t know the bandits were initially there to steal from him or shoot at the gatherings.

In the Instagram post, Whitehead also pushed back against criticism of her “flashy” lifestyle and jewelry collection.

“It’s about me choosing what I want to buy,” Whitehead said in the video. “It is my privilege to buy what I want if I work hard for it.”

Whitehead’s office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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