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9 thoughts on the damage caused to the Red Sox by the rays in Game 1. - - Job Offer Ads
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9 thoughts on the damage caused to the Red Sox by the rays in Game 1.

9 thoughts on the damage caused to the Red Sox by the rays in Game 1.

Red Sox

Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff.

Nelson Cruz celebrates his solo home run with teammate Vander Franco in a Tampa Bay game win over the Sox.

Playing nine innings, noting that Kylie Schwartz stealing the base was just about the Sox Reese opener’s ninth nonsense;

1. The trap stink baseball team that calls it home (at least until part of its game eventually / hopefully reaches Montreal) certainly doesn’t. We knew the former long before Thursday night. Lots of fans around here, still reverberating with the Yankees’ championship drought extending to 12 years, probably need a reminder later – and have they ever got one?

The rays first two, the third, the fifth and the seventh one, and American League Division Series opener won 5-0.. The game was a disturbing combination of all the things they do well: their fielders were in perfect position all night (the Sox had nine hits, all singles). Each unresolved ray pitcher fired shots with motion (starter Shane McClanhan’s four-seam fastball runs like a screwball at 98 miles per hour, which is cruel of all kinds). They play with aggression and strength that reminds me of Willie Wilson, George Brett, and the Royals of the 70’s. When they visited Kansas City, they portrayed the Red Sox as a beer league softball team.

I don’t know if Kiran is the best baseball team. But after Thursday night, I’ll hear the argument. If you entered this series thinking about how the alleged anonymous ones do it, well, you just saw it.

2. We can refer to Game 1 as a reference. Randy Orozzina show.But, really, since he’s been in the big leagues, the whole post-season has been showing Randy Arzurina. This was, apparently, just the first episode of Season 2.

Talk about setting the tone in the game and the series: Aruzina went on to advance the night, booked it in advance when Kiki Hernandez doubled the power draw vendor Franco, and scored the first of her three runs. What In the fifth, he took a 4-0 lead over home run of reliever Nick Peweta. And in the seventh, He plays a rare – and certainly very interesting – baseball game: burglary.. It wasn’t even close. That’s what Jackie Robinson – and, when I was a kid, Rod Carroll did. As frustrating as it was for the Red Sox, it’s always nice to be reminded of these legends.

3. Meanwhile, Aurozirina, who is technically a rookie this season, continues to make his legend, at least in the post-season. In 95 playoff plates, he has 11 home runs and 1.261 OPS. I would suggest that the Sox just treat him to Barry Bonds and run him, but he’ll probably steal second, third and home, Then eat some more popcorn in the dugout. Like it wasn’t a big deal. I’m going to think that the Cardinals probably regret a by-election for him, Jose Martinez, and before the 2020 season for the races of pitchers Matthew Labrador and Edgardo Rodriguez.

4. Even certain things between possibilities sometimes take a year or two to adjust. Mike Trout had a 674 OPS in 135 plates when he arrived with Angels in 2011. Undoubtedly the best chance to get into baseball this season, Vander Franco is already an incredible player. For the 20-year-old, he has significant command of the strike zone (24 walks, 378 strikeouts in 308 plate appearances since mid-June). It converted 3.5 wins in just 70 games, posted an .810 OPS, and hit 30 extra bases. Not bad for the youngest player in the league.

5. Franco, who had a pair of doubles and seemed to be in the middle of all the good things that happened to Ray on Thursday, also plays with great enthusiasm, even though last week It was interesting to see him hit when the right fielder called and dropped him on a popup

He looked like an opponent of the Oli Adrian Beltrey / Elvis Andrews relationship, when Andreas cut Beltrey at a pop-up to make him laugh. Dodgers fans will love Franco for six years or more when they grab him and pay him ڈی 1.5 billion when the Rays decide not to pay him. You think I’m kidding.

6. Repeat: The trap stinks. It also rots. This is a landfill covered with turf. This is the worst stadium / abandoned review site I’ve ever attended a sporting event. I don’t even know what the other one is. Rusty mini golf equipment and rusty jet skis seem to have storage facilities.

The latest evidence of this sheer mess came in the third inning, when Nelson Cruz crushed a ball from Nick Piotta who was clearly ticketed for the centerfield seats; even a catwalk near the roof. Rings and stops at the bottom. Centerfield Turf It was still, right, a home run. But when you hit the ball, you have to have ground rules. Catwalk in the sky, You know you’re not in a serious position.

7. Sometimes Rafael Divers doesn’t look right, and then all of a sudden he crushes a 440 feet and looks very right. However, his disappearance on Thursday night looked different. He missed some hit table pitches, and seemed to shake his hand or hold his arm whenever he swayed but didn’t make contact.

Fellows Alex Spear and Michael Silverman reported Friday morning that Divers was having pain in his arm.Noting that he has been wearing compression sleeves on his right arm since the bizarre strike against the Yankees’ Nestor Cortes on September 25. 1.052 OPS in seven regular season games since that date.

8. If they are going to win this series, the Red Sox will need more breaks and bounces to get on their way. The rays are much better throughout the board. Only one Sox came in the eighth inning on Thursday night, when a run-out pop-up with two runners was lost by center fielder Kevin Kemmerer in a silly white ash trap roof. But the Divers swept through 92 miles per hour fastball (which could actually be a change for the Rays crew as well), and Hunter Renfro came out as a threat – really, they’re just a threat.

9. Just one of those unpleasant nights, all over the board. They can’t stand another one against this annoyingly great team. It’s time to dump her and move on. (Gulp.)