7 Bay Area counties in California’s COVID red zone are experiencing high levels of community transmission

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The number of COVID cases in the Bay Area has increased over the past two weeks.

Most of the region is in the red. The only counties not seeing high transmission rates are Solano County and Contra Costa.

In this map, with CDC data compiled by our ABC7 newsgroup, the seven Bay Area counties are marked in red. This means that there is a high level of transmission in the community. Marin is one such county.

CDC COVID-19 transmission categories by California county

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“We are definitely seeing a spike in cases at the Marina, or a spike in fact. We look at our number of cases, which averages around 70 per day. If you look at the spike in the delta, our spike in the delta was about 50 per day. Average. We have already surpassed the peak that was at the surge of the delta,” said Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer.

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Marin County experienced a similar spike in December, but Dr. Willis is unfazed. He says that this time the number of hospitalizations will not increase.

“When we had 50 cases of delta a day, we had about 25 people in the hospital. We are now seeing about six people in a hospital in Marin County,” Dr. Willis said.

Marin County is the most vaccinated county in the state. So why are they in red? Dr. Willis attributes this to the abolition of the mask mandate, the re-gathering of people, and natural immunity.

“The fact that we may have less natural immunity may lead to a higher risk of infection, but less risk, much less risk of what we are most concerned about, which is severe illness and death,” Dr. Willis said.

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San Francisco reports about 200 COVID cases a day. Dr. Chris Colwell, head of emergency medicine at San Francisco’s Zuckerberg General Hospital, believes the number is higher.

“We’re getting some of the highest numbers we’ve seen in a long time,” Dr. Colwell said, adding, “A lot of people don’t even report it, so the numbers we’re seeing don’t tell the whole story.”

The San Francisco Department of Public Health specifically said:

“San Francisco has seen a steady increase in cases, likely due to the BA.2 subvariant, which is even more contagious than BA.1 (omicron). At this time, we do not expect more severe illness or hospitalizations for people who are up to date with their vaccinations.”

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San Francisco reports There are currently 33 people in hospitals with COVID-19. Dr Colwell said most of those vaccinated and resuscitated are recovering at home.

“On the second day, they start to feel pretty crappy. By the third and fourth day, as a rule, they get worse. By the fifth day they feel better, and by the seventh they feel like they are back to normal again and a little tired than usual. Dr. Colwell said.

Dr. Willis said he has no plans to return the mask mandate despite Marin County reporting 70 COVID cases per day.

“It’s a different approach than we’ve taken before. We have said in the past that we will strive to prevent such gatherings, primarily from a public health standpoint. People should now be more aware of their own risk.” Dr. Willis said.

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