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5 takeaways from Celtics head coach Ime Udoka's latest press conference. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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5 takeaways from Celtics head coach Ime Udoka’s latest press conference.

5 takeaways from Celtics head coach Ime Udoka's latest press conference.


It has not yet determined the initial lineup.

Amy Adoka is entering her first year of coaching Celtics. Ethan Miller / Getty Images

As the Celtics open the pre-season against the Orlando Magic on Monday, they finally fall apart after a busy off-season. The way these pieces will be used, however, is still much debated.

Time will tell how his style of play differs from the teams of the past, which First Air head coach Ame Adoka chose to start, and among other stories, Jillian Brown and Jason Tatum as playmakers. How did you get ready

Here are the latest ideas from Adoka on these topics and more.

They are ready to flee.

Adoka reiterated Brown’s point that the Celtics want to play faster this season. He was 20th last season and has so far “pushed for it” this season.

With more than one hair handler, including some big ones who can turn it around and move it forward, Adoka believes the Celtics will benefit from getting out of the transition.

He said Bam Adebayo and Dreammond Green caught rebounds and took off with Team USA and did a good job, and he sees Al Horford possibly doing something similar with the Celtics.

“Teams that are big that can attack really put pressure on other teams,” Adoka said.

He sees Jillian Brown and Jason Tatum expand their game.

Adoka said the next step for Brown and Tatum is to fully understand who they are, how much they value, and how they can improve everyone around them.

“If we can get them to improve the next level of the game, to include the boys, I think we’re going to take a very big step,” Adoka said.

“When the Celtics want to get out and run, playing with speed is more than just moving the ball forward,” he added. It also requires immediate court decisions, and he expects Tatum and Brown to make progress in the area this year.

“They are boys and boys of high character, and they are ready to do that,” he said.

He called Al Horford “young.”

Adoka used the term “youth fountain” when describing how Horford has looked so far.

“He looks alive, fresh and young,” Adoka said. “We love what we see in him.”

Adoka said Horford is making “a big case” to get started, but the Celtics are still looking at their options to find the best rotations.

It has not yet determined the initial lineup.

Trying to figure out the Celtics’ top five has become a modern activity, but the fact is that Adoka & Co. itself has not yet figured it out.

These are the next few weeks before the regular season begins. They have the luxury of going big or small, on the basis of antagonism and emotion, and it may be a fluid situation.

“We want to see everything honestly,” said Adoka. “We feel that versatility is an asset for us to start with.”

He is closing the exercises with a free throw.

Adoka has chosen to block recent methods with a free throw. There is no reason to do so with this Celtics team, but he said he wants to give them a chance to take some shots when they are tired.

The Celtics have been in the middle of the pack since last season, shooting 77.5%. Adoka believes that stepping in line and practically imitating high-pressure moments pays off in sports.

“I want to put them in some difficult situations to see that our best free-throw shooters are under pressure,” said Aduka.