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5 bold Bruins predictions for the 2021-22 season. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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5 bold Bruins predictions for the 2021-22 season.

5 bold Bruins predictions for the 2021-22 season.


The Bruins have a number of important questions, including a long-term alternative to David Craigson’s second-line vacancy.

Charlie Coyle and Brad Marchand during a September rehearsal at Warrior Ice Arena. John Tilmakey / Globe Staff.

The Boston Browns faced another off-season roster turnover. But, even with David Kirjisi’s repatriation to the Czech Republic and Toyoka Rusk’s uncertain future after off-season hip surgery, the franchise has high goals despite entering its 98th season.

“There are definitely high expectations here, and there’s definitely no reason to change that,” said team president Kim Nelly.

The Bruins have some important questions to ask, including a long-term alternative to filling the vacancy on the second line of credit. Many pundits draw B between the second and fourth in the Atlantic division. Very few, if any, teams are anywhere near the Stanley Cup Final.

But Bruce Cassidy loves to go to clubs. Campaign for 2021-22. With that in mind, there are five bold predictions for the Boston Browns ahead of their season opener on Saturday night.

Jack Stadnica will be the center of Boston’s second line by January.

The second round of 2017 was chosen at the training camp in the hope that the 15-pound muscle gain would testify to his clever playing skills.

Studnika impressed the coaching staff during the pre-season. Due to his weight gain, he found it difficult to get out of the puck, while never losing his speed and perseverance in the pursuit of the puck. Still, he faced climbing to get to the top nine rolls in the upper part of the night.

A healthy Charlie Coyle will start the year with Taylor Hall and Craig Smith on the second line. The trio complemented each other well in their solo pre-season game. Then, on the third line, the initial chemistry between Jack de Brisk, Eric Hola and Nick Folgino turned Stadnica out.

Studnika’s AHL assignment was not a referendum. Of course, Bruce Cassidy and the coaching staff could have placed him in the fourth line, or they could have moved him to the wing in the role of top nine. But they did not want to remove Stadnica from its natural center position, nor did they want to limit her playing time.

It’s just a matter of time, not if Studnica makes another trip to I-95, assuming it’s on its way up. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Stadnica skated with Smith and Hall in a short time. Having a pair of reliable goal scoring weights will only help the development of Stadnica.

Come January, Stadnica will like her name between Hall and Smith.

Charlie McAvoy will win the Norse Trophy.

Following Neely’s comments about Zoom on Wednesday, the Browns will soon close their talented top defense to extend a lucrative, long-term deal. It won’t take long for Machiavelli to back it up. New contract pending With some individual hardware.

Certainly the company will be in the midst of Vegas’ current troubles with Macaulay’s Kelly Maker, Victor Headman, and the ruling Norse winner Adam Fox. Maker and Fox will likely sit close to the top offensive category in the Blue Liners.

McAvoy has consolidated himself in the league as one of the better 5v5 defenders since appearing on the rookie season of 2017-18. Boston’s top power play unit should boost its offensive numbers as it climbs – with four clever playmakers at the start of the year – Brad Marchand, Peters Bergron, David Pasternak and Taylor Hall.

Having a small defense force with skilled players on both sides provides an interesting dynamic to the wealthy league. Each season will feature deserving Norse candidates ranging from Machiavelli to Maker, Fox, Thomas Chabot and Queen Hughes. They are all unique in their own right, but McAvoy’s 5v5 production and possible scoring optic will result in its first possible multiple Norse trophy at the end of the year.

Brad Marchand will be a Heart Trophy finalist.

Merchand’s reputation as one of the game’s most skilled but fast players has at times troubled him. But over the past few seasons, the talented veteran has avoided any meetings with the NHL’s Player Safety Department.

Ever since his last dusting after a licking incident میں in everything مر Marchand has found himself at the top of the NHL’s scoring leaders. He is fifth in all skaters since 2018-19 (256), second only to Nathan McCann (257), Patrick Kane (260), Leon Drystal (299) and Connor McDavid (318). Each of the top three players on the list has a heart trophy, and McCann has been an MVP finalist in three of his last four seasons.

Marchchand found himself in the top five of the Heart Trophy voters in two of the last three years. He has changed from ‘Little Ball of Hat’ to one of the elite players in today’s National Hockey League. Given its history, Merchand may need a season like McDavid’s to win the award, but he has been well-received by voters as a finalist. This year, he will eventually achieve the desired top three position after McCann and McDavid.

Toka Rask will return, but will not sign with the Bronze.

Bruce kept the door open for Rusk to return after recovering from hip surgery. And the Boston all-time net winner expressed a desire to end his career with only the NHL club he knows.

No doubt, despite the scorching heat, Rusk strengthened the roots in the net after the departure of Tim Thomas. He has worked well with Jaroslav Hulk and Anton Khudobin for more than a decade. But each era ends at some point.

Jeremy Swimman picked up from the Cowboys where he left off in the pre-season after a brilliant 10 game run in the short 2021 season. Despite their disappointing camp, the Bruins look back on their five-year investment with former Sabers netminder Lens Almark. A stable goal-setting situation will make it difficult for Rusk to meet again when he is ready to go.

Even with Rusk’s statements about living in Boston, I can’t imagine living in it for a whole year if I clean it up. A handful of needy play-off caliber teams such as the Penguins, Eilers and Capitals will line up for their services.

The Bruins should not interfere with any positive developments with Swayman and Ullmark. Of course, Rusk would have been welcomed by his teammates, but he would not have needed a netminder to win all the time. There is no doubt that other teams will bring tires to Rask when he is ready.

The Bruins will take the lighting to the limit in the playoffs.

I can’t be more bold with the Bryans winning the cup or making it to the cup finals. Heck, they’ll have some company with Panther and Maple Leafs in the Battle of Second, Third and Fourth in the Atlantic Division.

In the best case scenario, the Bruins and Lightning will meet again in the playoffs. His last two post-season matchups have resulted in a five-game series win for the Bolts. This will not happen again this season if the two teams meet in the spring of 2022.

Lightning struck six depths below Boston in each of these matchups. Sweeney upgraded the third and fourth lines of B in the off-season, including Free Follingo, Eric Hola and Tomas Nosk’s Free Agent. Due to its tight pay space, Tampa lost its third line a year ago to Gorde, Blake Coleman and Barclays Gedro.

With the rotating cast of Jack de Bursk, Curtis Lazarus – When Healthy – and Carson Kohlmann, Anton Blade, and Trent Frederick, the Bryans could have six edges of lightning. But Bolts checks several boxes in the matchup department, including defense and top depth. And for now, they have a one-goal lead with Andre Vasilyevsky’s experience beating the Sui Man / Almark pair.

I would still take Lightning in the mock playoff series against the Bryans, but it wouldn’t end in five. The loss of the seven-game series is not necessarily a bold projection, but Cassidy and company are not far from catching the bolts compared to previous years.