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October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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2021 Boston Marathon Weather: Forecast by meteorologist David Epstein

2021 Boston Marathon Weather: Forecast by meteorologist David Epstein

Boston Marathon.

Does Monday’s Marathon Forecast include rain, extreme temperatures, wind, or humidity? Meteorologist David Epstein weighs in.

Boston Marathon start line

The Boston Marathon Star Line was painted on Hopkinton’s Main Street. Lane Turner / Boston Globe.

Weather forecasting is important forever. Boston Marathon., And the time of year makes this race unique.

In April, race day temperatures can be cold or hot. But in October, the chances of a big heat or a big cold are a bit low – and so it is this year.

Here is my complete prediction. 2021 Boston Marathon.:

How hot will it be during the marathon?

The sun is much lower in the sky at this time of year than in April. – time and

At sunrise on Monday, the temperature in Hopkinton will be just below 60 degrees, and even higher – which is rapidly increasing. By 2 p.m., it should be close to 70 degrees with little dirt in the air.

Temperatures for most races will be in the mid-60s.

I’m expecting a lot of cloud cover, but the sun can pass sometimes, especially when we go deep in the morning and afternoon. Interestingly, at this time of year, the sun is 20 degrees lower than in April. This factor will dramatically reduce the chances of sunburn, which can often occur in the spring.

Will it rain in the marathon on Monday?

The low pressure will pass through the south of New England on Sunday night and early Monday, and the rain slope could move further north to bring heavy rain in the early morning. This is only a small possibility, and if it does, the danger goes away by midnight.

And what about the wind?

Air will not be a big factor during the race. Any head will be light.

The light weather will continue until next week. Whether you are A visit to Boston, Or this is your home, enjoy the race.